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What Women Want started at Mach Comedy festival in 2016 which was then followed by a short but packed out run at Edinburgh festival on the Free Fringe in the same year. 

Since then WWW has been at King's Place for a sell out show, at the Bill Murray for a residency, Libreria bookshop as part of Second Home, back to Edinburgh in 2017 for a 5 day run at the Underbelly and then to the Soho Theatre in London for a series of dates. 

The show is a conversation show where Amy interviews comedians about misconceptions, misadventures and misogyny surrounding 'What Women Want'. Past shows include 'What Women Want is to be treated like a princess' and 'What Women Want is a beach ready body'. 

Each person speaks to the issue before being interviewed by Amy - it's a frank, fun and friendly show. 

"with all the insight missing from the Mel Gibson movie of the same name." The Skinny

Here's what comedians who've been on the show had to say about their experience:

I asked them how being a guest on the show was; 

James Acaster, was touchingly sincere “it’s an enriching way to discuss some of the most important and relevant issues in the world today without trolls, hashtags and people trying to "win" ruining it." 

Tom Allen, “ I was delighted to be asked on this all-female panel so that I could redress the balance and, once and for all, be the voice of masculine (and loving it) cis straight men. A role I know so many people have waited so long for me to fulfil. Also, when is International Masculine (and loving it) Cis Straight Men’s Day again?” 

Felicity Ward “it provides an easy platform to joke and discuss the female experience….  And it's just really nice to have the opportunity to be interrupted by a woman for a change.” 

Suzi Ruffell, “as a female comic I love that this show exists, it’s thrilling to be part of.” 

And some were changed by the experience Phil Wang said, “My personal experience on the panel was so positive it completely changed my world view and now I think women are alright actually.”